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​New Music: “The Journey” (mix-tape) – @Jeremiahkole


Okay…on the 27th of November ladies and gentlemen and we thought we would serve up a young write up on a local artist that has released a new mix tape. This cat goes by the stage name of Jeremiah, birth name: Jeremiah O .kayembe, and he released his new mix tape titled “The Journey” over the past weekend. Now right of the bat I must say this nineteen year old prospect has done a few things right with this release in regards to how a “come up” should be looking to try make waves on the scene.
The first point is that the production quality of this mix tape is not perfect but it is pretty DAMN good. Now the reason why this caught this writer’s ear is that this particular aspect is often neglected by some young aspiring artists, who assume that their “wicked bars” and “insane word play” will make up for the lack of good quality production. This is a mistake and a costly one at that. The first rule of obtaining a loyal following is to take the time, and money, to invest in the quality of your product.

The second good move on this tape was the limited length of most of tracks. Now instinctively an artist will want to put out a mix tape with tracks running for a good 4 to 5 minutes as an initial offering BUT it’s an INITIAL offering nobody knows you yet and probably won’t even bother listening to the entire track either way. So offer up a few 2 minute tracks (or so) showing the consumer what you are all about and if they like what they hear then guess what? You’ve successfully created a demand for your product because now they want more…. “The Journey” gives the listener just enough of a demonstration of Jeremiah’s style , mannerisms and flow to get you curious about the artist and actually wanting more…

“The Journey” is centred around Jeremiah’s aspirations of being a rapper and as the tape progresses Jeremiah also provides us with a bit of insight to his personal life most notably with track 7: Daniel and track 3: Parental thoughts (which happens to be my personal favourite) . It will be very interesting to see what else this young rapper originally from the DRC has in store for the genre of African Hip Hop and how he will find and develop his niche within the game.

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