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Meet 13 year old Rapper Rapkidjay


Rapkidjay is a 13 year old rapper,songwriter and amateur  producer. His music is mix of different genres of music such as hip hop, trap, alternative rock. The 13 year old is currently working on his first ever solo EP titled “Supersaturated Ep”.

Rapkidjay started rapping ever since he was 6 years old. The name Rapkidjay was givin to him when he was 10 years old. Rapkidjay’s main musical influence was drake  as he grew up listening to him. He also loves alternative rock through and some of his other main influences come from artists like Bones, Xavier wulf, Suicideboys and Xxxtentacion.

Rapkidjay  is dropping his Debut Ep December 11 2016, the project is just a introduction to his career and his skills theirs a lot more coming from this talented young man, Rapkidjay also has team that is soon to be discovered , rapkidjay has alot of social platforms you can follow him in , Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and