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3 Humps – Pacman


Sanele Humphrey Mngadi better know by his stage name 3 Humps, Is a South African Rapper. He is best known by his 2016 Single Pikachu.

3 Humps was born on 01 June 1994, In Kwandengezi . He began Rapping at the age of 19 and further developed his talents over the past 3 years, while he was residing at Kwandengezi. He has always stayed at one place, where he lost his mother on an early morning car crash in 2002 and his father took off. Leaving him with his older brothers and sisters to look after him.

When he was a child 3 Humps already had a passion for music. As an adult his music career started. He self managed his own music till he met Truetainment Productions. A delicate music company that has grown so many talents in the industry with the likes of Dj Gogo, Bvp, Soul Poizen and many more.

In 2017, 3 Humps sets a release date for an Ep called 24/7 but unfortunately things went wrong when had a fight with his music Producer. Since then 3 Humps sets to release a new song called PACMAN featuring one of the best from the local MosHigh. The song is set to be released later this month under Truetainment Productions. Although his ego for music seems to grow, 3 Humps hopes to release a mixtape earlier in 2018 called Boy From The South. To talk about his life including past experiences and present.

Ever since 3 Humps appeared from the charts of Hip Hop, he has been pushing his luck. Started by performing on small stages, with the assistance of Truetainment. 3 Humps music kept on growing and got him performing in Dj Bongs Events at Kwandengezi. The rapper hasn’t stopped, his still around ripping the mics with his sickening rhymes. Be aware this song 3 Humps is about to release called Pacman is fire and it not all from the rapper.