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Article – Nik DaFrik Finest French Hip Hop Rapper in South Africa


NIK DAFRIK – CAPE TOWN FINEST FRENCH MCHaving moved to South Africa several years ago, Nik DaFrik (#nikdafrik/@nikdafrik) embraces thelocal vibe that Cape Town has to offer, and has realised that Africa has awoken a music beast insidehim! Nik confesses that he has pushed myself hard to reach the standards of many local artists.

Andnow, finally he believes that he has found his ground, his rhythm and his soul in his music to pursuehis dreams. “Becoming famous and being able to flood radio stations and televisions with my musicis important yes, but what motivates me the most is being able to do it with a positive spirit, for myfollowers, in a world where we are surrounded by a lot of negativity”.Nik is releasing his first EP this month (produced by D’versCT), it is a quality product. Two of thetrack’s music videos are already played on TV channels throughout Africa, “Something’s Gotta Give”and “Irie”, which was awarded #3 best 2016 video by Mzansi Reggae.

Nik is very active with events in and around Cape Town. He will have soon performed in all possibleplaces where “open mics” are organised, offering his latest tracks to the public coming to see himlive, including “Boom Bada Boom”, Cape Town’s next summer hit.

When Nik first settled here he started a band which consisted of 8 MC’s and instruments. Theexposure he got over this time made him crave for more, and Nik decided last year to become asolo artist. “I love being the leading part of a group, but that has proved very difficult and timeconsuming for me. As we all know everyone has his own struggle, making the process challenging,or simply a different ambition”.With Nik having the potential to become SA’s first French rapper, he is looking for the crowd to openthemselves to the African-French feel. Nik is in search of artists that are ready to think BIG, and outthe box!!