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Ayce Stacio - Ooouuu Freestyle

Ayce Stacio – Ooouuu Freestyle Lyrics



Before me there was Many
After me there will be None
Coz I am the 1.

Xe boy
They left me out for dead,revenanted like Dicarpio*
This is the life of Pablo*
middle finger to my Rivals*
No Netflix when I say I move like the Narcos*
Y’all still a bunch of snakes so we the lions in this Jungle*
And Beef I swear man you dont wanna take it There*
We some kinda Carnivores all we do is take it There*
This a dirty game and they hate to see you winning Fair*
Everybody fighting for possession musical Chair*…..
Me and The northboy fuck the same Hos*
Squad never,never….never do the Kamos*
Tryna get my money longer than a
train Smoke*
All black on black here like a Funeral*
You say you a problem but truth be told you ain’t 1*
99 problems and we solve them like a word Sum*
Heard you gettin money so im comin for that Ransom*
Gangsta ass nigga but your bitch think im Handsome*
This a pair of classics rare to find like some And1s*
Don’t make me take a shot of Hennessy and call my mans and Them*
And have 57 C.V niggaz on the N1*
rivonia boulevard hit you up in Sandton*
Oli Bima na Bima -makas e +Pakas*
Nigga Chamou-mi bandido Porque Eu so ando com Hustlers*
Can’t rap with no suckers,I put that on my Mother*
Am only here for the guns y’all can keep all the Butter*
A man put his hands on me then he wouldn’t Brag*
I’ll have them boys checking up and watchin all your Snaps*
Tell Nomusa hit me up when she done with Maps*
Right now I can’t chase no Hos im after Cheques*
You can find me in the
East witta couple of Shottas*
Or down in Fourways with some 419 Hustlers*
And my Pora mami look like she from Bahamas*
So never chasing these bitches that comes when you get Commas*
And this niggaz start acting funny wanna pull a Leon Schuster*
they never gave us nothing I want my Mules and my Aches*
I want some couple Ms I want the skies for a Neighbor*
By any means necessary blackhood Oakland Raiders*
Coz When we ride on enemies bells ring Out*
Never safe this hos you never see my Cap Out*
Im tryna get my funds up And get my mans Out*
RIP Jlaime Free my nigga Sherla*
The game is too be told not to get Sold*
So I ride for my niggaz that’s the Bro Code*
I want the porsche girl am talkin 5Door*
All Horses in the stable playing Polo*