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@BeastGray ft. Don & @LennyDaKid


Obey Ngonideashe “Gray Beats” Chingobe is a composer, producer and artist born on the 16th August 1997 hailing from Harare, Zimbabwe, with a gift to entice the masses and a passion to create an alternative heartbeat to the music lover.

Marondera (hometown) was the first to witness his greatness. He started as a hip hop dancer and was also part of a church choir. The 20 year old performed at local events in Zimbabwe resulted in the desire take path on the creation of music.

Downtown Harare Avenues was one of the performances he has done in Zimbabwe. Moving into the South African spaces, he has worked with Sean Trimz on his record called “Navara” which he has done performances for in the East Rand and north of Johannesburg. His hometown saw him working with Zimbabwean award winning artist, Ti Gonzi

The young Zimbabwean holds in his creative hands Afropop and Dancehall sound crossing musical boarders. His talent found him signing with Abantu Muzik and officially releasing his 1st EP, Obey which features a hit single, #CatchingFeelings