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@BigSteaz101_SA – Greygoose (ft. LIL King )


BigSteaz is an 18 year old rapper, producer and a beat maker originally from Mthatha , a town in the Eastern Cape. My real name is Unam Liyabona Nyokwana most people know me by the name Bhut’Wayne. I’m currently doing grade 12 this year at Holy Cross Education Centre. I started rapping at the age of 15 but I couldn’t find someone who’d teach me or briefly explain to me about the concept of making music. The only thing that kept me going was my friends and fam who believed that I have POTENTIAL and one day I will be out in this world showcasing my music to other people. The rapper who motivated me was Cassper Nyovest because he never gave up on his music and he even quit school to showcase his talent. But I couldn’t just give up school because as a person you have to have a second plan if what you are currently doing doesn’t help out.

I have many other dreams in life either than making music. Next year I will be doing Bachelor Of Medicine in Clinical Medical Practice or be an Economist and if not I will be in Jozi promoting my music. I’m doing this because I love music it’s one thing that makes feel good. And spreading the words of wisdom and hope to other people is just something that I’m willing to do about my life. I believe that there is something or words that people desperately need hear. The kind of music that is made today is way too different from music made back then. These days we listen to TRAP Music. Even here in South Africa local artists have migrated to TRAP music. I’m not saying that it’s bad but as artists we somehow have to create our own kind of music and not be looking at the US so that we could be like them. We need to be different. We are in South Africa at the end. We speak in different languages and not everyone understands English. We just have to give our fans some spirit that, Yeah This Is Mzantsi.

I do variety kinds of music from TRAP to storytelling. But mostly storytelling. I get influenced by the way people in eKasi live. People are just one thing that makes me want to just commit to music and see if I’d make a difference about it. Yes I believe that one day I will be out and people who knew me from birth or those who supported me will be proud. And also my father wherever he is will be proud to find out that his son has made it. I’m doing this for my mom too who’s supported me since day one.

I dropped my first single titled ‘Up In The Game’ in 2014 which was produced by VSpesh who owns LoKasi Records. It didn’t blast as I thought it would but that didn’t stop me. In 2014 I didn’t put much effort in music because I was focusing on my schoolwork. Early this year I decided to form my own recording studio where I get to produce my own music and for other rappers too. Early June, Galaxy911 Music was formed featuring artists such as Mighty, AWOL, Lil King, Tollez, Em Cee Slice and etc.

On the 12th Of November I dropped my first project titled ‘ Other Side Of Me Mixtape’ featuring only one artist called AWOL who I always work with. My mixtape isn’t available on a site yet but I will be soon. On my next project I’m willing to work with local rappers such as AndroiDinski, Blaq Potency, Vortex, the list is just too long.

This is my new single featuring an artist under my label. The song is titled Greygoose featuring Lil King, here’s the link –