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Bix-C. Wiet Djy Wie ek Is? ft Barendz



“Klein maar getrein, ek het Hip Hop op my brein.”
In this line from one of his songs he is saying “I’m small but I’m trained to maintain, I’ve got Hip Hop on my brain.”
His chosen moniker meaning Big Change, the Hip Hop artist Bix-C, born Cedrick Oscar Flandorp gave his first scream at 05:30am on Wednesday 21 September 1983 at the Elsies River Day Hospital.
He spent his formative years growing up in the residential area of Matroosfontein, part of the town of Elsies River on the Cape Flats in the Western Cape, South Africa. At the age of eight, his family moved to Silversands, which is part of Kuils River, also on the Cape Flats. There he attended Irista Primary School till Grade 4. One day on a school outing he sat in the back of the bus entertaining his peers with some scrambled rap lyrics not even knowing exactly what he was saying because it was really senseless mumbling but the way he flowed got all his friends excited. It was then that he realised the magical energy of it all and he immediately fell in love with the power that the art-form has in moving people. At the age of 11 his family moved back to Matroosfontein where he finished his primary school years at Elsbury Primary School.

He went on to attend Elsies River High School where he was introduced to performing on stage and he has never looked backed since. He always knew he wanted to do something in the entertainment industry but he was directionless. He joined a freestyle dance crew named New Edition. They literally practiced for hours every day but this led to Bix-C’s academic results taking a severe beating and it cost him two extra years in Grade 10. He left dancing as failing again was not a luxury he could afford. He however soon found himself free-styling rhymes during intervals which caught his peers’ attention once again. Bix-C never gave up on his schooling and at the end of 2003, he finished Grade 12, which is known as Matric in South Africa. He started off working in a printing factory but he later moved to the national retail company of Woolworths. He then decided to further his education and he pursued an internationally recognised qualification in Sound Engineering at CAE, the College of Audio Engineering.He studied full time while holding a very demanding job at CompuCity, a computer retailer.

While at college he met guys who shared his passion and they also shared the same vision. His new friends Blain Young and Heinz Gunther Dampies happened to be the top students at the college and he started producing music with them. Blain Young headed up Bix-C’s first ever recording as a featured artist on a project called Raptoolz with an artist named Julio.
It was then through working with Blain Young that Bix-C met the late Clint Scholtz aka Clebo, may he Rest in Peace. Bix-C and Clebo teamed up and together decided to rent a house in Kuils River where they started a Record Label called CapeAwake Records. The record label grew tremendously consisting of Cape Town’s finest emcees and served as a great platform for young up and coming rap artist. They’ve accomplished to release a compilation CD with more than 21 emcees and the CD launch held at the Bellville Civic Centre was an extravaganza where all the emcees performed their tracks.
Soon after that Clebo tragically lost his life in motorcycling accident.
The pain from the loss of his friend and business partner was too much for Bix-C to move on all alone with the record label. He cut all ties with the label and didn’t mention it ever since. Up until today many emcees don’t know the major role Bix-C played in the establishment of the label even though that is where many have started their recording careers.

In the process of dealing with all of this, Bix-C became really close with Terror MC aka Nazeer Abdol, who was his mentor at the time. Terror MC showed Bix-C the finer arts of being a really good emcee and he learned quite a lot about developing different and better styles of rhyming. Bix-C started to take his rap career very seriously and approached his long-time friend Heinz Gunther Dampies and the two of them collaborated to put an EP together for Bix-C called “The Bix-C Theory EP”.
The EP consists of nine tracks featuring artist such as Courtney Smith, Charne Behr and C-Smiles. This project which was produced by Heinz Gunther Dampies, Stephan Steyn , C&E Productions and Bix-C with engineering by Heinz Gunther Dampies is still regarded by some as a milestone debut project, some saying that it could qualify as a debut album. Bix-C however insists that he still has a lot of work to do before his freshman album sees the light of day.
Released in 2011, “The Bix-C Theory EP” put Bix-C on the map in the Cape Town Hip Hop movement. He continued to participate in Hip Hop Park Jams across the Cape Flats and slowly established a name as a consummate live performer and not just as a recording artist. Having filled many slots on live radio cyphers and prominently featuring at more and more live gigs, he managed to grow his network, interacting with all the right people who could help drive his passion in the desired direction.
In 2011 and 2012 Bix-C started getting more involved with community work in his hometown Elsies River. As a trained youth counsellor, he got 42 youngsters together and they formed a crew named The Bix-C 7490.
7490 is the postal code for Elsies River thus the name means The Big Change in Elsies River. These young folk not only needed training with their various performance art skills but many of them were socio-economically vulnerable and those who were still schooling had to maintain a rigid study and tutoring program in order to remain in the crew, as Bix-C has personal experience of what happens when a student neglects academics for the sake of performance art. For 6 months he worked with this group of youngsters consisting of Break Dancers, New School Dancers, Rappers, Singers and Actors with the aim of creating a full-on stage production.
A first of its kind in Elsies River, the The Bix-C 7490 Show took place on 19th May 2012. It was indeed a great success with more than 400 people packing the hall. Due to an ever increasing workload as a full-time sound engineer, coupled with the lack of more trained counsellors, performance arts coaches and volunteers, The Bix-C 7490 program is unfortunately on hold until further notice. Shortly after the success of The Bix-C 7490 Show, Bix-C and C&E Productions started looking at his musical future and once again they teamed up with Heinz Gunther Dampies to start work on Bix-C’s second EP release titled “D-catalyst EP”.
It was a slow and meticulous process which took 2years to complete. Even though work circumstances coupled with the fact that Bix-C has engaged in further studies once again and just dealing with everyday life situations played a major part in the project taking so long, it was the desired depth in quality that was the main focal point of the project which kept Bix-C disciplined to not simply rush to get it out there. The EP consists out of 10 tracks which were produced by C&E Productions and engineered by Heinz Gunther. Once again many are saying that the sophomore EP could easily be regarded as a debut Album. The “D-Catalyst EP” is hailed by many for breaking barriers on both content and a production level.
The EP is available for free but many have it say they would have paid for it with no qualms.
Bix-C is currently working on a string of projects of which most are collaborations for the release of singles with different artists not only in Hip Hop but also spanning genres.
Still teaming up with C&E productions, Heinz Gunther Dampies Music and Borchards Films which is headed up by Laurenco Borchards, the aim is to continue building the Bix-C brand on a broader scale. The team also plans to implement an artist development program that will guide up and coming artist in the right direction, helping them to achieve their dreams.
His aggressively loud style belying his message of positive change, Bix-C is known as a great motivational emcee filled with an energy which vibrates with no fear and singularly pure confidence. His music speaks for itself.
In person he comes across as a fairly serious character who maintains a humble disposition but he pleasantly surprises everyone with the unpredictably bold moves he makes as an emcee.
He endeavours to continue spreading positive change wherever he goes and with whomever he comes into contact with.

Bix-C is Big-Change.