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Bona By FME Ft Elbow & Slow G


Elbow & Slow G just don’t know when to let up with their long playlist of songs, here is another street anthem ‘Bona’.

Elbow & Slow G have set their eyes on taking there careers to new heights and to show the world their potential, to serve as inspiration for all the up-comings back home. They have been on multiple stages locally but wish to take it to new heights so that their music is spread across.

‘Bona’ is about how different individuals in each and every collective have different backgrounds and stories to tell but how the hunger to get out of their situations brings them together. It elaborates about the rich ones that floss and the poor ones that work overtime and relentlessly for what the rich man has. It shows that the different backgrounds are not enough to serve as a barrier for the musical connection.

The song is for the streets and relates with them to the highest level, from the moment it goes on till the final second. First it’s the beat, second it’s the concept, third it’s the lyrics and finally the energy/feel of the song. Here goes another Street Anthem.

Bona, purely for the streets.

FME – Bona Ft Elbow & Slow G
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