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@cay_louiy – Bottoms up


Cay Louiy is an upcoming rapper and singwriter known for his latest singles YELLOW BONÉ AND BOTTOMS UP. Born and bred in Atteridgeville a location in Pretoria, Kabelo Letsoko spent seven years in Mafikeng between the years 1998 to 2004 then made his way back to Pretoria. In 2006 his love for music begin when he bought a CD by Ne-yo “In my own words”, and just like any other youngster would understand that rewriting lyrics of his favourite song would be a hobby.  In his progression for his love for music artists like Usher, Chris Brown and Eminem to name a few had become some of his idols.

Over time Cay fell in love with the stylistic manner that these artists use to lure him to write his first song “She can be mine”. In 2008 the start of a new era began for him, this being high school, Cay started intensely exploring his writing skill and singing abilities. Interacting with different pupil and the adventure of finding oneself had began. In this process romance became a comfortable genre for him as he was at a stage where adolescence had made an entry at his life. Through influence and lived experience of others Cay drew an iterest in rap music .

At the time he did not understand rap as he was a soulful romance writer which was to some extant out of his comfort zone. Challenging himself Cay began with the Ashy Dust concept and began to record. Knowing the challenges that came with being in the music industry Cay had to concentrate more on his writing,this is when he wrote a book ‘High school crush’ which consisted of 7 chapters and began writing another book called ‘ Scents of her wealth’.
But he has put that to a halt in order to focus more on music.  That was when earlier this year he released 2 of his first singles ‘Yellow Boné and ‘Bottoms Up’

Cay Louiy × Bottoms Up
Mixing and mastering × King P
Beat by × RonEpidemic & Posh Mash

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