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@Dala_FAM – Vana Mona (ft. Teekay Shalom)


As Ricky Rick has mentioned before that corporates use their capital to buy airplay and awards, Dala FAM comes back with a single titled “Vana Mona” featuring Teekay Shalom, which simply explains the challenges that upcoming artists like himself face. “It ain’t easy making it to the top”, Dala FAM states in his lyrics. He also goes further to say that he will rap until the day he dies, that is how much he is committed to Hip Hop, even with all the challenges he faces as an upcoming artist. Dala FAM further explains that even though he has a jingle on YFM (Famba Na Khutso) and has received regular airplay from stations such as Capricorn FM and MLFM, the journey to the top is still difficult.

With this single, Dala FAM hopes to inspire all upcoming artists that not everyone is crooked; that it is possible to get airplay without having to pay for it based on the quality of your music and passion.

He further goes to say that giving up is never an option, all we have to do as upcoming artists is do what we do best, which is what we love and leave the rest to God for He shall ooen doors that nobody can close.

Dala FAM is set to drop a 8 track EP titled “Unahina” named after his niece, which simply means “God is with us”.

Vana Mona is the 5th single from this upcoming EP which features singles like “Papa Penny”, “Slow Burn” and many more. The EP features artists like Mash Sarila, Shomadjozi, DJ HopeStar, Mizo Phyll, P-Post and many more…