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Dissy Jay & Kay Wan come out to team up with a 17 years old!


Red Berries Entertainment unleashes a sleek joint called, “Temptation” which is a steady rise and serves as a teaser to the upcoming EP project called, // T E M T A T I O N // that it’s official date release hasn’t been announced yet.

Dissy Jay & Kay Wan are one of the most hard working hip-hop package around when coming to dropping some new moody tracks. A breath of fresh air, they’re unconventional and always ready to push boundaries with their unique style of music and even their image.

The Beatmaker and The Rapper are unapologetic about what they calls intelligent and matured music that they make to intelligent and matured listeners. ” It’s not about someone’s IQ, we’re  referring to real listeners, people who can listen to intricate and hidden details within the music, the quality of the beat melody that of which usually say alot, the quality content of delivery and not people who listen to something because they hear it often on the Radio, and if it’s not popular they don’t pay it any attention “.


The anticipated joint, // T E M P T A T I O N  // with a 17 years old talented vocalist, the genius Macy, celebrating “Love and lust” & “Flings and affairs” in this calmed and composed song that will definitely shift your mood for a second, helping to cement their growth in the industry, they have always been vocal in interviews and on social media about not just wanting to be heard – but how they want to be heard through their music.


The convergence of the duo is absolutely inspired by the raw and pure talent the vocalist possesses. ” The combination of my hard-work, her talent, experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality pays off “. Kay Wan said.

” It has been months of the hard work in the studios and we are now at the point where our joint EP project is nearing the completion “. The Beatmaker quickly met a lot of industry’s professionals and started doing some engineering work in some of the best studios around, ” This experience helped me realize a lot of opportunities and possibilities that I wouldn’t achieved not because I wasn’t good but because the competition was just way too much “. Dissy Jay said.


Red Berries Entertainment’s associates @PaulRichThenigga exc. at HammGrown Entertainment and @MkennysKaofela exc. at AfrikennySoundMusicProductions has played a vitally important role in the sound direction of the project.

” It’s team work that makes the dream work “, as we continue to witness the growth of the hip-hop package ; the joint EP project will drop later this year.

The Beatmaker and The Rapper they were asked “what is the motive behind your hustle and such tenacity?” … ” Believing in ourselves, in our hard work and dreams.

people often follow trends and copy what the next person is doing. Just be yourself and people will catch up!”.


Article by : Devenique Fisher