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“Don’t Sound The Same” by Walt Lusine


On this lyrical yet thought provoking song by Walt Lusine, the rapper addresses the issue of the fact that 80% of the songs released in the hip hop industry today sounds the same. That sounds like a jab doesn’t it? Well Lusine says it’s not.

When asked what was the purpose of the song (The First) Walt Lusine said:
“Initially when I use ta listen ta radio I would hear DMX, common, Dr Dre, hemphatic thabz, kanye, Optical ill, Slum Villa, Pebbles, black thought, LL Cool J, Wu Tang, H2O, Busta Rhymes, Notorious BIG Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Rick Ross, JayZ… Etc…. Every aspect of those artists gave a wide variety of sound and identity to self artistry in hip hop… Now every damn song sounds like Travis scott or future and ay’damn radio station has to bump 80% 808 infected song…. dont get me wrong, Trap is fine and all but fuck, every damn song???????”

This 20 year old rapper who’s yet to drop his debut mixtape titled ‘Tell A Vision (Television)’ is keen with his lyrical skills. The 12 track mixtape set to drop in January 2017 includes 5 joints produced by MashBeats, yes the same MashBeats who produced 6 joints off A-Reece’s #Paradise album.

If you didn’t know, Walt Lusine is a 20 year old rapper from Soweto who is super serious about his writing skills. If you go through his soundcloud account and listen to his tracks you’ll know what I’m talking about. As he spits on his song ‘The first’ “They don’t care about the message they just wanna dance, and if you tell the truth, they consider you wack”

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Twitter: @waltlusine
Soundcloud: Walt Lusine