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@elnino_caprinde – Hope You Keep Up


Elnino_caprinde, a young 18 year old South African rapper coming from Eastern cape in Mthatha. This kid has been a problem in the Hip Hop industry in terms of the youngins in the Come Up, caused a big problem with the hit he dropped earlier this year titled ‘You Feel Me’. ElNino has been a mouthful in the last few months as he grabbed the attention of a few mainstream niggas in the music industry.


Having been on @slikouron’s underdog day competition for once and almost winning says a lot on its own, the rapper is very good at making music that will last a while in people’s playlists, with that being said , if you downloaded #YouFeelMe , there is a small chance that the song didn’t make it to your favorites playlist, as the song has a lot of lyricism, its a good song to turn up with, a bit trappy too, for a Hip Hop fan, its the perfect gift.


Now he is coming back with a new single, more of a freestyle and a curtain raiser to his EP that is due to drop on the 10th of february next year (which is his birthday). The song is titled ‘Hope You Keep Up (#HYKU) . It brings a fresh thought to what the EP is going to be about, how the sound of the songs in there will be and what he is really trying in the music. The title and cover will be unveiled later on this year, for now enjoy this hit banger the young talented artist is giving out to you


This song is short and straight on point to what you would like you to hear on it, lyrical construction and the flow is just on another tip. I hope you enjoy the song as much as you enjoyed ‘You Feel Me’


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