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@Faizie – ARFTN Ft Dean


Hey SAHIPHOPMAG my name is Faizell Line. I go by the stage name Faizie and I’m a Namibian based musician. Truthfully I’ve been musically  influenced my entire life as a younger kid I would write down the lyrics of artists in that Era such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Tupac and 50 Cent to name few.

I would do this to help myself understand the structure of a song when it comes to verses and hooks. I eventually started writing music of my own. In 2012, my matric year i released my first ever solo project known as LOST IN MY MIND vol1 under a label my friends at school started called GOAT records and it received good review from my peers and classmates . In 2013 I moved to Cape Town and was at college so I took a break from music to focus on my studies. In 2014 I made a return to the music  and started recording again. This resulted in my 2nd solo mixtape called THE PARK.

In 2015 I started focusing more on singles and features for label artists and affiliates. The more music I made I realised that I could form a compilation of these various songs and release  a compilation mixtape. This came to be known as my 3rd solo project THE SIDEKICK COMPILATION that dropped in the same year. 2016 was probably my busiest years to date as I released 2 projects. Firstly I was working on a collaborative project with upcoming artists from Namibia and we released THE O TAPE. Simultaneously I was also working on my forth solo project known as BLACK HOOD that released right after.

The song I have provided is off my latest mixtape BLACK HOOD and it’s called ARFTN  (ALCOHOL RULEZ FOR THE NIGHT) and it basically embraces the nightlife we as the youth experience on a regular basis. A good friend of mine Dean provides vocals on the hooks as I lay down the verses throughout. Enjoy

Faizie – ARFTN Ft Dean