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@FreshMafiaEnt – Biidness Ft @Elbow_FME & @SlowG_FME (Official Video)


Biidness was a single FME dropped back in 2015 from their ‘The FME Compilation’ project. The song served the main purpose of giving FME and ‘The Fme Compilation’ commercial exposure.

The Song had sooo much momentum behind it, anybody that is a somebody was hash-tagging ‘#NoneOfYourBiidness’. Biidness was already a big deal even before the music video was shot.

The music video was then released close to 3 -4 months later, seeing as the hype of the song wasn’t dying out it was best to use the opportunity to boost it even more.

The Music video is basically conceptualized on the ‘Good Vibe’ type of feel as well as the upper – lifestyle personification. Expect nothing but fresh outfits, good looking females, refreshments and a scene that makes you wish you were there.

@FreshMafiaEnt – Biidness Ft @Elbow_FME & @SlowG_FME (Official Video)