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@GLMNationSa GLM Nation – Wena Wedwa


GLM Nation (Created November 19, 2012), known as G.L.M (a ackronym for Getting Life Made), [2] Is a South African Rap duo consisting of artists Luke aka .uke and 4tuneNp aka the Imbalian Prince working with super producer Louie Van Wolf . In 2011, GLM Nation from humble beginnings established a Oral agreement to help with recording from hustlers Empire a label formerly from pietermaritzburg. Hustlers empire came through on their word to provide recording as they believed they had star quality in their hands, first recordings took place at Dope nation entertainment where sadly only 2 songs were recorded and the end of the oral Agreement commenced.

Enter East side mafia a indie label which took GLM Nation under its wing to debut the mixtape GLM Nation : Through the Eye (mixtape 2014) , Including the singles ” Someday/One day “, ” She knows” “You know it” featuring fellow East side mafia artist MDZ(Rexo) , ” She knows ” , ” Let you know ” featuring Amy , and ” redemption “featuring Adele . Kings of that shit and Kingish are GLM Nations current projects, A Mixtape and an Ep which includes the singles ” She wanna fxk” featuring Tino Mgazi & Meezy , ” Wena wedwa” featuring Charles modoch , and ” Thatha”.

GLM Nation music can be found on soundcloud.com/GLMNation facebook.com/GLMNation twitter.com @GLMNationSa Youtube.com/GLMNationSa Currently Unsigned and Unmanaged but been able to get songs like “Wena wedwa” and “turn up juice” playlisted on local radio stations in pietermaritzburg, Capital 104 fm and Mngungundlovu fm with interviews to go along.GLM Nation even made it to American radio station in detroit the vibe furthering belief in the duos impressive ability to accommodate the masses with no major help from a Label nor Management just the fans pushing the music GLM Nation has been performing at local modeling shows in and around the city promoting their music.