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Graham East – YRN


I really appreciate the platform that SA Hip Hop Megazine has brought to South African hip hop. It has really played a crucial role in breaking lesser known artists.


Having said this the song of submission today tells a story of an artist who wants it all and is willing to go to arms length to reach his goals. The chorus section is the telling point of this song, which I explain that my goals is to be a youngen who has it all and is gunning for the throne. The name of the song is titled as YRN.

The 1st verse is how I see the game and what other artists are doing in order to get ahead in the game. This is more of a reflection of what I see and is not of any fact just opinion. It is really aggressive and shows no remorse. The 2nd verse focuses on what the position I have taken from being a producer to an artist and sheds inside of how it feels to be the ‘man’.


My background as an artist is pretty much non-existent and only has 1 single which was released nearly 2 years ago. I am a producer 1st and foremost who is transitioning into an artist. I reign from Pretoria, Centurion specifically but hold my hometown Grahamstown close to my heart, so much so my artist name is Graham East (Grahamstown Eastern Cape).

Graham East.

@Nativemind6 – https://m.soundcloud.com/user-694221061/yrn