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@iamKayAsh – Rolling


Kay Ash is a 19 year old upcoming hiphop artist.He is been pushin his grind for a while to sleep on him in 2017.He has just released a hot new single which can shake the industry if given a chance.This rapper/vocalist went nuts on this one trust me!

Kay Ash’s ne offering is tittled #Rollin.It is a track in which he was talkin about how he roll in the hood, how he get his shine on and grind on a daily basis,Y’all can relate to this one.Basically it is a track that is about how he live and i hope you will enjoy it.

The track was produced, mixed and mastered by ThazaNova @SoundCity STUDIOS.Thaza’s melody got this one a catchy vibe that you cant sleep on.Even if u get to feel it once, u can spend the whole day gettin back to that melody, trust me you it is lovely.

@iamKayAsh has always and will always be working hard.This is just the beggining of the journey of good music, tell ur friend rapper he is in trouble lolx.More music will be coming your way this year and yall gon love it, this kid is extremely talented.

Get his tracks via links bellow:
AudioMack: https://www.audiomack.com/artist/kundai-ash-craig


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