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@insaneyrapper – Apologise




On the brink of taking South Africa by storm is the launch a new music video by hip hop artist Insaney with his hit song “Apologise” featuring vocalist Oscar Toorn. The song is taken from Insaney’s latest project “The Insanity Mixtape” and has received a great reception so far.


Insaney is originally from Johannesburg now based in Cape Town and has dedicated his life towards the hip hop movement. Working under independent label “Ready2Rock Productions” we anticipate more smashing hits from the artist as the label plans to leave their mark on the hip hop industry. The ‘Apologise’ mp3 is already available online and the music video being shot in November 2017 is expected to be on rotation early in 2018.


The Insanity Mixtape consists of a variety of songs and styles, it also features fellow label mate and rapper N-Dubble who is also part of DJ outfit ‘Berlin Boyz.’


Besides the much anticipated new music video, Insaney has a body of work online ranging from MP3s, music videos and hip hop cyphers. Hip hop lovers are urged to follow the artist on social media for exclusive content and latest releases using the handle @insaneyrapper on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

Click the link below to listen to “Apologise.”