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Isgxobo Video By Mizzy


I go by the name of Mizzy. I’m a young Hip Hop Artist from Durban and I’ve been in the rap game for years now. My rapping style would say its kasi with a mixture of the modern turn up rap, I actually refer to it as a Kasi bhenga which a lot of people also refer to me as “Mizzy the kasi bhenga”.

My style is unique and versatile. Whit my unique style I’ve been able to make it through in the rap game and recently won the My Connect Show in Durban which had about 500 dope MC’s around durban and I was able to make it through to the top 2 MC’s that will be heading to New York for a week later this month.

Made it through out the competition with one hit track (Isgxobo) which I released earlier this year and it has been making waves around Durban and other cities. I recently shot a video for my hit track titled isgxobo, which means if you don’t dance to the track you are a stable none flexing pole.