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@j95_rapper – Bruv ( Prod. By Psychedelicx)


J95′ is a maftown born and raised rapper, living in Pretoria. I started making music in high school however I took a three year break to focus on my studies. I found my passion for rapping again mid 2016 and never looked back. Since then I’ve dropped four tracks, Bruv being my 5th one

The song Bruv was inspired by various situations that I found myself in, having approched various producers and industry Exec’s with my music and being turned down for the mere fact that they belived I was too lyrical.

I was told my music wouldn’t sell or wouldn’t appeal to the masses as it wasn’t “mainstream enough”.

I took that as a challange and made what I belive to be one of the best Hip-Hop joints out now. The first single off my upcoming mixtape titled The Gift Tape.

Bruv is not just a hype track. Its meant to show one that if you have a dream, talent or specific hustle that you push, you need not have to change or listen to whats said by others. Your hustle is your hustle, and no one can make you succeed in it but yourself.

Below is the soundcloud link to the song Bruv. Hope you enjoy.