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Keep Me High Up


LV Baby is a USA based Hip Hop artists releasing the music video to his brand new single “Keep Me High Up”.


“Keep Me High Up” is a happy-sad summer jam that combines a therapeutic level of honesty with entrepreneurial ambition and spirit. LV’s heartfelt lyricism coupled with upbeat production (by Warren Truth) featuring both live bass guitar (played by LV Baby) and trumpet (by Calvin the 3rd) is an instant classic.

LV Baby’s musical journey led him to incorporate early rock and soul influences with blues and rap cadences. LV was influenced by artist/bands like Led Zeppelin, Little Richard, Pastor Troy, Fall Out Boy and OutKast. His early influencers and life experiences produce a rockstar vibe with lyrics that vividly capture stories woven into melodies.

LV Baby’s smooth blend and experimental sound create a genre bending cross cultural aura that transcends socioeconomic barriers. Simply put: If rock could rap, it would sound like LV Baby.