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The kids that brought the sauce throughout the season


S.O.O.N MOB  ( aka Something.Out.Of.Nothing ) is a fresh collective from Durban that is well known for their finesse on the many hip hop styles that are buzzing nowadays and stay relevant to the masses . They boast the ability of coming up with high energy and feel-good sounds that have relative concepts to it . Whether it be a song that has a deep concept to it , or just a song that is made for people to feel good , it’s always assured that the song is going to make people jump and have their heads nodding .


A recent project which they have just recently concluded known as #FreeThrowFridays has struck a huge amount of people . The idea behind this concept was to drop a new track every Friday as a throwaway for the month of May , 4 Fridays – 4 Throwaways – 4 Free . Each track had it’s own unique style and concept but all shared a similarity of hard-knocking 808 drums that buzz through one’s ears . 


The tracks are titled ” Why You Gotta ” , ” Marathon ” , ” Zoomin’ ” and ” Ice In My Cup ( Work ) , and can all be found now on various sites as a total #FreeThrowFridays pack . The whole pack ( which is like an EP set-up ) is literally 10-15 mintues of nothing but energetic beats and hooks and crisp verses which boast on the style of the collective and the insane ability of switching to different flows from the four songs .


S.O.O.N MOB plan on pushing this concept for the remainder of the year for it to reach a huge mass , and also might release some visuals for at least two of the most liked songs from the four the have dropped as months go by . Be sure to keep tabs on these kids because the sound they’re bringing to the game is wavy .                                                                                         Instagram : soon_mob                                                                                                                               Facebook : soon mob                                                                                                                                 Twitter : soon_mob