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Kontrolla Kosha By Daddy Blaiz Ft Slow G, Sean Ramzy, Elbow & Stunna


Daddy Blaiz a.k.a ‘the only dad without a kid’ known as the Playtonik hip hop producer is dropping his 1st solo single – the party rocking ‘Kontrolla Kosha’.

Daddy Blaiz has set his eyes on his solo career and to prove that he has potential to make it in the music industry and compete with the top dogs. The song being his first project alone put a lot of pressure under him, making him uneasy with the production but listening to the result, it was worth while to critique every step in its production.

The song came about as Daddy Blaiz approached the FME artist (Slow G & Elbow) to jump on the beat he made, the artist would later on advice him to call Sean Ramzy & Stunna which he did leading to the song that is Kontrolla Kosha. The song was made in a period of two weeks, one week for lyric writing and recording, the other week was solely for engineering due to the deadline that was set for an upcoming event that the song was being made specifically for, AMAZING isn’t it?
The concept of Kontrolla Kosha is that the members in the song are rocking the party and every time this song drops the mood of any party/concert switches up from 0 – 100 real quick.

Kontrolla Kosha – the perfect party rocking tune.

KontrollaKosha Ft Slow G, Sean Ramzy, Elbow & Stunna (Prod. By Daddy Blaiz)
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2cakJfz
AudioMack: http://bit.ly/2c2lqMS