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Laudable – Summer 2014: The Becoming (Chrisp & notbenjamin)


Laudable is a South African rapper, producer and sound engineer. In his early 20’s and recently moved to Cape Town. He has a lyrical style and articulate presentation paired with psychedelic influenced instrumentals, give him a unique and authentic sound. Pushing against the borders of the current standard and looking to make his mark on the game one way or another.

Laudable has been producing and releasing his music for the past couple years onto free streaming and download sites such as soundcloud and audiomack. Unsigned and recording all his music in his home studio. Laudable takes pride in his work-rate and lyricism. Since his first release 2 years ago titled “Survivors Guilt” an 8 track self produced EP, you can hear how much he has developed as an artist and producer.

Influenced by a lot of older musicians like Michael Jackson, Penny and the Alicia Keys and the obvious Eminem and Jay-z, making him religiously lyrical. Using those and newer artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Ab-Soul and Frank Ocean, he creates music with real emotion and honesty.

The song is about the first years out of high school and how the most important things and people to you can turn out to be toxic. It explores the depression from the comedown and the best of the come up in the journey of finding a place secure within yourself. A personal testimony of overcoming.