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@looneyrsa – Go Low


Paul Ngongoma also known as Looney (Infinite Looney) is a South African recording hip hop artist who was born and raised in Dundee. He fell in love with hip hop when he was 12, he would rap along with his favorite rappers such a Biggie, Eminem, and others. After a few years of listening and rapping along he learned how to structure a song and used his wittiness to come up with banger punch lines. He began writing his own rhymes and mostly used Kasi Lingo.

Looney moved to Durban where he became a regular at Pass the Mic sessions in Umlazi and soon became a crowd favorite with his catchy Kasi lingo and battle like, semi aggressive style. The Umlazi based rapper has vision and promises to blow his fans away by giving you a taste of how he grew up and aims to have the kids dancing and singing along with him just as he did too. One of his biggest achievements was performing at Back to the City Festival in 2017.



Don’t Hate (oh Gawd)


Dust 2 Glory 2016 (Siya Shezi, Ntukza and many more

Victory Tour 2016 (Sean Pages, Nveigh, 3rdLetta…)