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@MasiaDaPrince-The Next BIg Thing ?


Malibongwe Handsome Hansen [Born 21 April 1998] is a Hip Hop artist who goes by the stage name of Masia. Born in Durban and currently staying in Dawn Park , he started doing music around the age of 9 years old but didn’t take it seriously up until the age of 15 years old when his friends and people who have heard him rap encouraged him to take it seriously as he was the undisputed number one emcee in his age group , having also won a Primary School talent show by using his rapping skills . Now 18 years old and fresh out of High School having graduated in 2015 , Masia is fully focusing on his music career not only as a Hip Hop artist but also as a music producer  , as he was a student at Soul Candi Music Instituition in Johannesburg in 2016 , studying music production and digital composition ,

Masia is a dominant force in the local Hip Hop scene as he was one of the Top 10 artists on the Reverbnation Hip Hop charts in his area [Boksburg] and Top 20 in South Africa in 2016 ,one of the few Hip Hop artists to hold a spot on the chart . Masia has a number of hit bangers under his sleeves such as ‘’Ocean Eyes’’ , ‘’Ready 2 Fly’’ and’’ Tales Of The Digger ‘’ to name a few . The song Tales Of The Digger also has a music video which is currently playlisted on ChannelOTV and is getting positive remarks from critics and fans alike . What makes Masia unique is his flow ,lyrical content and the ability to relate to most listeners with his amazing story telling . When asked about his Idols both local and international he mentioned greats such as Proverb and J cole as his main Favourites and when asked about his future goals Masia said he wishes to be able to get his music to a larger audience and change people’s lives through music. Masia is dropping a mixtape around March called Life Is A Jury ,which is undoubtedly his greatest art yet.

Music Link – https://soundcloud.com/user-45339360

Music Video Link –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50Lr6Qjfjgg&feature=youtu.be (Please Include it as well )