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Mawanda Faniso @i.art.malukhanye – Malukhanyeverse EP



Mawanda Malukhanye Faniso, or just Malukhanye, is a 25 year old artist from Saldanha bay. Born and raised for most of his childhood life in Cape Town, he moved to the west coast of the country where he gained most of his education and inspiration in his music. His sound could be described as New Era Hip Hop, as it is a fusion with a very unique approach in music and art as a whole.

MalukhanyeVerse EP1 is a debut in the international music scene, showcasing the potential of South African, even African music in a very special way. The EP has only 4 track and 1 bonus track, yet it is so potent with musical and lyrical content, making it nearly impossible to leave the listener impressed. MalukhanyeVerse EP1 is the first of many volumes, and a build up from the collaborative art with Liberty Bwanali, entitled what we did. 

All original works of Mawanda Faniso, Liberty Bwanali and the Jungle Movement Kartelz crew can be found at: www.libertybwanali.com. We pride ourselves in making Dope music and pushing the envelope further, and we hope you enjoy this Tape as much as we did making it. 

Mawanda faniso and Liberty Bwanali – What We Did Music video OFFICIAL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oym2yP_qqw)

Mawanda faniso and Liberty Bwanali – WHAT WE DID ALBUM (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/what-we-did-deluxe-edition/id1152668520)

Genre Poem By Liberty Bwanali – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYV-bbvuceI