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Meet ShabZi Madallion


Views… that is all I want’ After ‘The Hustle’ ShabZi Madallion was able to continuously talk to, and get perspective and advice from several people within the industry, that he’s always had respect for. A lot of this, was based on the type of music he’d continue making and releasing- after the show was broadcasted. It comes with no surprise that the advice also leaned towards telling him that he’d need to possibly divert his sound- into ‘conventional’. Apart from his lyricist trait, ShabZi is also known for his unique sound.

A sound that is portrayed in his content, his delivery and theme choices. Almost a year later, ShabZi Madallion has now released a track that merges the ‘conventional’ sound, with his sound. With that, the title of the track says it all… VIEWS- ShabZi Madallion highlights how ‘views’ are what classify everything that is around us now. Perspective is everything. Everything we do now- is for the ‘Views’. From how we treat people, how we conduct ourselves, and how we make decisions. It’s all for the views.

The artist goes as far as highlighting how most rappers do everything for the views. From lifestyle choices, conventional music sound, fan bases, as well as external portrayals. A track that gives alot to think about, not only for artists, but for everyone. We’re living crucial parts of our lives being led by other people’s views and validation. Views affirm us. Views expose us. Our roads to success seem to be heavily dependent on external views. If you were doing it for just YOU, would you be doing it the same way as currently are?