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@mosweu_tiisetso ft @Avianblitz & @Fuzz_xiv – she a fan


Qin is a rapper born and bred in Pretoria, I’m a 17 year old rapper/producer, for a long time now I’ve been listening to artists such as Drake, Eli Sostre and The Weeknd, and for the longest time I’ve wanted to start making music, I finally decided to start producing and rapping in December 2016.

8 months down the line and I have released my debut effort “1002 vol 1”, “a tale of a sad boy” is what I describe it as whenever asked about it.

It’s a collection of four songs from the soul, songs that reflect situations in my life and how supernatural forces are constantly at play in my life.

“She a fan” featuring Fuzz and Avian Blitz is the outlier of the EP, the title of the song is really self explanatory really, it is a song I believe will like the most.

To give it a listen, simply give it a listen on SoundCloud