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@mshuuka feat @thisisnilz – Noma Yini Bozza Yam


Hi  I Am Sizwe Mashiyane also known to the world as Mshuuka.

A freshman with an old school feel. I make music that’ll get people talking rather than have them dancing. I want my name to go down in history with the greats. Have my name carved in stone and have the stone rolling with the legends.

I’m not here for the fame, im here to create a name. I’m here to bring a new look into the game. I’m here to prove to everyone that it can be done and no one will stand in your way if you want it.

I just want to be the sunshine in the rainy season of the industry. Bless.

Please listen to my first single below.

For Iphone Users: https://t.co/QmGZtB1h3n

For Download: https://t.co/RqwyzAeJd3

Instagram: @Mshuuka