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#My3Stripes by Xola X

The song is titled #My3Stripes and written, produced and performed by Xola X about my love for Adidas.
the story behind this is I created this song years ago but didn’t want to drop because I imagined it on a Kanye West album, do you think it would have fit in TLOP? Or perhaps with a Nomuzi on there because I know she reps Adidas hard too. I eventually left these spots open because in my head this song because I wanted a Nomuzi or Kanye West feature. Lol. maybe one day he’ll hear it and want to work.
Let me know if there is anything you require.
Please see attached cover artwork and details below: 
Artist: @XolaXtheXilaman
Title: #My3Stripes (Prod. by @XolaXtheXilaman)