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New Smash Hit Titled Zaka Ke Zaka by G Bluster


Life Aimer Productions presents a new smash hit titled Zaka Ke Zaka, by G Bluster, a highly talented rapper from the streets of Boipatong, a fairly known area in the region of Vaal. He delivers most of his lyrical content in his mother tongue, Sotho. This particular single was inspired by his love for money and pursue for the riches, he’s a hustler on a mission, and as an artist, there’s no better way to do music than talking about the things that form the better part of your life, which includes your dreams, aspirations, goals, and everything else that is close to your heart, hence Zaka Ke Zaka.

This turn up song that was recorded with gritty lines and catchy flows on a Trap beat, and the hook is definitely the best thing to happen to the human species after sliced bread. This song is a sing along that has been certified a hit by different crowds on all the stages that he has graced across the Gauteng province, it’s only a matter of time before the whole country gets to hear why G Bluster sees money as just Zaka Ke Zaka. STREAM LIVE ON