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Better known by his stage name Wazimbex (stylized as WAZIMBEX$), is a Multifaceted  Mozambican: singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, weed & food enthusiast, fashion-designer, cinematographer, rapper, and record producer born in 258 (Mozambique). Funny thing is: he is also the 1st son of one of the greatest voices of Mozambique “Wazimbo” and it’s clear he’s a prodigy.

He owns a independent record label “XAMYNE Entertainment” and also founded the X$4Life ( Clothing Brand ) in 2014. In October 2015 he released his 1st mixtape THE L.O.$.T: Evolution of Wazimbex Vol.1. He is currently working on multiple solo projects as he builds momentum with his “ SOMETHING IS COMING “ Campaign which consists in making random releases in every genre you can possibly think of while shaping his unique sound for the debut studio album: “ T O R T O I $ E “.

Growing up in a paradisiac beach while being raised by a bipolar step-father in Xai-Xai beach in Mozambique he had no conscious about his biological father being the most prolific super star in the country but he always had a creative and introvert drive which led to his current unique persona. This guy is such a box of surprises there’s no one in the game who does all he does. He’s a Beast when he Raps, Sounds like MJ when he sings but whats really shocking, is how he does both at once, can you imagine MJ Rap-singing 2Pac’s Hit em up??? Thats WazZay.

Everything he touches turns gold, word to: Julia Duarte, 2 Caras and Wazimbo just to name a few BIG names, he is also the first artist to start a day to day series in Mozambique and the most prolific act from his Home town since Mr. Bow. No doubts this guy will takeover Africa and more because he can blend with any artist, it even reminds us of Chris Brown.

He’s a promising new age act & the one to watch out for.
His music can speak for itself:  Www.soundcloud.com/XAMYNE