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@NgonyamaDoitFor – Phethe Kahle


He was born and has lived all his years in a small township called Inanda in Durban. The young man started writing his own music when he was 15, self-naming himself ‘King’. As he got better at his craft he became a member of a group called C-Elements which participated in the FIFA World Cup 2010 fan park events, but now he has branched out to be a solo artist. Mostly influenced by the likes of B.I.G and Talib Kweli as a young boy, he has grown to master his vernacular flow with catchy slang words.

In 2016 he released his first single called Do It For, which was promoted with a couple of videos on YouTube showcasing his skills first hand. The song has a street raw sound with a strong message on who he’s doing this music for or rather explaining why he is doing it. The song racked in more than 1000 downloads on Datafile-host, not mentioning being available on platforms like Soundcloud.

NGONYAMA is steadily building his following by staying relevant in his music, talking about issues from the townships. One day hoping to be one of the most respected rappers in the game by influencing people from all ages to stay positive regardless of the circumstances.

Ngonyama has released 2 songs this year, “Imigulukud” on which he put a twist on the Zulu slang defining groups of individuals who are hardworking, consistent and will not back down until the objective has been accomplished as the concept for the song. The latest single is titled Phethe Kahlewhere he talks about love and finding the perfect partner, going through a checklist.

The song is available on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ngonyamadoitfor/phethekahle