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@Pronoun_032 – Catch Ah Body (Ft Teezy_7 & @Feather_032)



Makhosandile Wonke “Pronoun KingPin” Masuku is a South African Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer. He was born in Umlazi, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa on the 11th September 1998. At the age of 2, ‘Pronoun’ and his 7 siblings (4 brothers and 3 sisters) relocated from Umlazi to Tongaat, Kwa-Zulu under the care of his single mother.

In 2003, He started attended iSnembe Secondary school from 2003-2007. Sometime in 2007 his family would then relocate again to KwaDukuza, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

It is during his schooling career in Glenhills Secondary where he would meet Tevan Pillay aka “Feather” whom helped him begin the journey of his musical career.

Music Career

‘Pronoun’ still remembers the exact day that he first met Feather. They were in the same class and Feather (13 years old) was already rapping at the time whilst ‘Pronoun’ just started writing lyrics at the time. “As time went, our love for music brought us together and he would later invite me over to his home to record a song.” Quoted by Pronoun. This was when he officially met Terence “Teezy seven” Pillay for the first time although they attended the same school. “This is how I started making music.” Pronoun.

Although the exact number of songs he has recorded is unknown, he has released multiple mixtapes, has done multiple charity performances over the years off with music group “Young Hustlers” namely ‘Kwa-Dukuza Charity Fair’.

“Most of the tracks from my old tapes were lost due to some technical problems we experienced a while back where the computer on which we were working on crashed. Back then we hadn’t implemented backup techniques for our music but to our advantage we had already uploaded some of them. I for one cannot tell you the exact number of projects that I have worked on but I can assure you, my team and I – have practiced for a number of years before we decided to go forward with the ‘I Am Art’ project” says Pronoun.

Pronoun is set to release his first studio album which is titled “I Am Art” later this year. He releases this project under the label YH Entertainment Group. It will be available in various online music stores including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon as well as many more. “I truly believe this is our best work yet, I have no doubt that people will relate to our music because we actually talk about problems we, as the youth of today face. With this project I believe we are going to change everyone’s perception of rap and South African music as a whole. I cannot wait for the release of this project.”


When asked about his greatest musical influences, Pronoun was quick to name American Hip Hop icon “Lil Wayne” as a great influence but he also cites his fellow artists Teezy Seven, Feather and Louwynn as being quite influential too. “My time is mostly spent in studio working and so I am mostly exposed to the work that I or my teammates create, but I do listen to a lot of ‘Lil Wayne’ and some of our South African music legends like the late ‘Brenda Fassie’ and ‘Zola 7’, which I will admit, have influenced certain aspects my music”.

Although Pronoun’s music is based mostly on his life experiences, desires and aspirations, he is often known to give his honest opinion and predictions concerning the state of the South African Music industry. Pronoun’s lyrics are known to evoke the greatest reactions amongst listeners because they are sometimes considered to be somewhat abrasive but his vocal abilities provide his accurate lyricism with a calm yet emotional feeling.  His songs often maintain a balance between his exquisite storytelling and technical abilities and his ability to add just the right amount of emotions to every song. His accent and pronunciation ensure the most emphasis with the least effort hence his music doesn’t contain as much cussing. He incorporates a dancehall type of singing to his raw and original South African rap style.


What to expect from the Pronoun Kingpin’s I Am Art debut album?

There are 12 tracks in total on the album including the Intro, Interlude and Outro. The album is a journey in which every song has a story and every word has a meaning. “I can assure you that if you listen to it, unlike most of the hip hop/rap albums out there, you will feel inspired and you will fall in love with Rap Music again because it is a collection of beautiful stories in the form of music.” Pronoun continued. “Every song on the album was produced by my fellow rapper/producer Feather. He’s on the intro, the single that was released on the 19th of May 2017 and he’s also on another track which will be released with the album. Teezy Seven is on the interlude and about 2 other tracks including the first single off the album. I also have one of the most talented vocalists I know, Louwynn Muriel on the album”. “Basically, the album is not just my story but it is ‘our story’, as the ‘YH Music Group’, which one can choose to be part of the story or they can just witness the great tale. Either way, YH is a movement and this album will always be considered as where it all truly started. We will change the game.” he concluded.


Pronoun KingPin’s Debut Album I Am Art is set to release towards the end of 2017

He has released a track list which I have attached and a single of the Album which I have also provided below.


Itunes : https://itun.es/za/JRkwjb


SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/yhmusicgroup/catch-ah-body-ft-teezy-seven-feather