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@QParadiXe Much Madness RMX


i am a new name in the industry from eastern cape to the world with my clique AMP POSSIBLE.

Started writing music ten years ago before i founded my first band which later dispersed due to different career outbreaks.

much madness is inspired by the instrument at most, engineered by Finhex at IMPERIAL MUSIC GALAXY STUDIOS in 2017.

our music is a different blend of carefully jotted lyrics and trap beats. the industry has taken many shapes and forms and we believe in learning the new but only to fuse with our original styles.

we have performed and worked alongside Ntsiki Mazwai, Indalo and mcoy to name a few. we have performed in many different stages for many different people in the eastern cape hence we now feel its the right time to try and reach out to the world through great music.