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@QWERTYspace3 – Spread Love


From the quite Northern streets of Rivonia comes this alternative independent Hip Hop/Pop artist who goes by the allies Kabza Ngwana (@QWERTYspace3), and has a refreshing take on Hip Hop that you need to hear.

Kabza has recently dropped a single called Spread Love, which is about the artist finding God and realizing what it mean to be in relationship with God, but don’t let the deep meaning behind the song fool you. It is an upbeat POPish sound that will have singing along and moving to the beat.

His fresh take on melodies and ab-libing leaves no dull moment on this 3:05 sonic sandwich of eargasms. From his singing to his “rap singing” every line is beautifully placed to take the listener on a journey through his struggles and finally finding relief by Spreading Gods Love.

Kabza will be dropping his debut EP this Spring,  but promises a few more singles to show his versatility as a Hip Hop artist.