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@rabutheape – Nangoku

I represent a young artist by the name of Rabu The Ape (real name Nkosikhona Ntshiqa), from Cape Town. He is a Xhosa rapper currently at the University of Cape Town.
He has been rapping for a few years now and broke through with a sound more orientated towards “spaza rap”. In 2016 he had a rebranding  and reinvention of his sound and changed his style for the better. Suddenly his songs had more catchy rhymes, rap-singing, heavy basslines and great hooks.
He’s been performing in and around Cape Town, doing a few small gigs, sometimes paid but mostly free. He has has three projects recorded and out, with those being “Ape Nation 13.10”, “Depression” and “I’m Gone” with his biggest song being “Nangoku!” He is immensely talented, with great beat selection and a natural ear for good melodies which work well together.
His various links
twitter: @rabutheape
facebook: Rabu The Ape