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@Rads_eon – What A Shame


Medaphorz (Bonginkosi Radebe) and Eon (Phumelele Radebe) are a healthy combination of siblings and duo hip hop team with an ear for punchlines and lyrical delivery.

Their early love for hip hop has moulded and shaped them into the lyricists they are today with their diversity in style and lyrical content; Medaphorz displaying exemplary skill in punchlines of a champion streetfighter with the impeccable flow to match, and Eon possessing the sound of an expressive individual in his artistry, making use of idioms and quotes of epiphany.

Although their differences seem far from in sync individually, their collective delivery in music serve as a perfect amalgamation of both conscious and mainstream music that can appeal to more than one scope of listeners.

There play on sounds and styles make them a formidable opponent in the ring of Hip Hop, and they are often unpredictable, choosing to mysteriously dabble with all sounds and not stick to one uniform musical approach.