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Retlahifa is a hip hop movement which was established in Tlakgameng in2007.We came together as indivisuals who were trying to find their way in the game by starting everything in the village.Is not always to find yourself surrounded by the the people you need the most,but that have been an fortunate incidence for us as the crew.We discovered that later on we were all producers.

Our journey haven’t been easy as everyone else who mad it big in the game.We took so long to record our first song and have our first gig.We realised that we could fuse different styles of music.When everybody changed to be trappers and turn all the way up,we didn’t let the transformation get into our head.That is why we ended up mixing rap with trap.

This time around we came up with the different concept from what is done in the current state of the game.We just took our time to give praise and our love to the Almighty God who have shown us the real journey of life.We believe that there cant be easy for a person who is about to embark on a long journey,that is why God is giving us challenges .

This is our first official release of the single which will be feaured in the EP that we are releasing on the 29th of December.It hasn’t been easy to come up with the combination  of great songs since we are working to the new schedule.The single is about to blow everyone away with its emotion.Here is the link for Raks(ramasedi) by Retlahifa https://soundcloud.com/user-387393437/raksramasedi