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@RemiYoung1 – Rose


This music is my way of putting trap under a new light. A light lit by the candle of my desires. For you to get that it would take a lot of explaining from my side… but that’s the whole point right.

I’m an observer so I notice a lot. I notice the fame. I notice the drugs. I notice the h***. I notice it all and I get involved when I feel like it, and lately that’s been often. I’ve done things I can’t talk about but I write about it, because they only ever make sense over a beat.

This type of  music comes from the mind of an idealist. Remi Young isn’t an artist. Remi Young is a lifestyle. The product of a kid who was raised in a middle class family, went to a private school. Alienated from the rest of his peers. An outsider who found refuge in the arms of music. I mean, how can I explain it?

As a person, I adjust pretty quickly to different environments. I also absorb a lot from my surroundings. Like a sponge. So when there’s pressure applied, I let it all out. That’s what’s happened lately, pressure. From school, family, friends and mostly, my passion. I’m driven by passion. And my passion led me to experience, and that’s what my music’s about: the road that led me here – the journey to Remi Young. All I can say is… it’s been a thrill and the rest of the ride looks fun from here, care to join?