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@Retlahifa_Music-Raks (ramasedi)


Thee song is an a Christian rap song by Retlahifa.song says much about our struggle in music but one thing we know is that we have our almighty GOD in our side.praying makes all things easy to defeat.there is nothing powerful than prayer. Raks is track that tells a lot bout GOD an how we believes in him.

GOD can sand someone from nowhere as an angel to you an bless you indirectly.we as a team/crew decided to come up with the song like that so that people can be aware of that.its pretty motional song from the album Residence Minds which well be releasing by 29 December 2017.

Retlahifa is a crew formed in 2007.the song is not explicit.it is simple an understanding.we sacrificed our selves in music,just to give people a different music from others.we can do hip hop but its much differ from existing once.

music is a life style.you tell whatever you want anytime anywhere.but we it comes to us we tells what we had experience of.we just can’t tell whatever we want, just because it might harm some people in anyway.so our aim is to bring good music to the people nor the world.we just promise that we can’t copy other people’s work and act as it is us.