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@rickygestein Ricky Gestein On The Come Up


Upcoming Rapper Called Ricky Gestein

Pebe Tebogo Nicole.Stage Name @rickygestein (Ricky Gestein.2001 boy,hased been making waves since started Dropping music.His verse on bitch gon tell em got everybody crazy.

@Trill_macyx is the nigga I will thank.because the nigga never slept on me when everybody did.the nigga gaved me the studio for Free now I got the whole town talking.Said Ricky Gestein.s tarted making music since 2016 but never got time and money to drop the music.2017 December is the year,Ricky Gestein Started Recording his music.

Upcoming Rapper from zeerust want to put the city on the map.He promise his fans that 2018 is the year.he will Do the most Said @rickygestein