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@RiotHond – Industrial Espionage


Riot aka RiotHond aka the King of da West is a rapper out of the West Rand of Johannesburg.

Riot’s career began in Potchefstroom where he attended an all boys school. He started a rap clique called “GunClickNation” which had artists such as Ginger Trill and Don Crow in it. Riot began making music in his dorm room and selling his tapes at his school and schools in the area as well as townships such as Promosa and Ikakeng.

Riot is well known for his fire freestyles. He is an elite member of the 2010 “Class of Siz n Scoop. ” Riot has a enjoyed a great number of successful singles and videos which aired on the likes of channel O and played on numerous radio stations.

In 2013, Riot released the hit song “Twerk Yo Ass” which stayed at number one for 4 weeks on the YFM hip-hop 9/9.


“Saam Met My” was Mzansi’s first taste of Riot’s lyrical prowess in Afrikaans. Saam Met My enjoyed airplay on Channel  O’s SA HipHop Bangers.

Saam Met My:

Currently, Riot has 3 tracks and 1 feature on the #KFCSOundbite. All in the top 30. His highest song on the chart is Smokin’ which happens to be a motswako song. (Yes, this nikka can spit in 3 languages.

Riot released his much-anticipated tape in early September 2017, titled Industrial Espionage.  Industrial Espionage is easily the best performing mixtape in the country currently. It has 7 tracks. 3 are on the KFCSoundbite chart in the top 30. (Smokin’, Ride For You and Gonna Get It). Ride For You, Smokin’, Awe My Bru and Gonna Get It are all playlisted on stations such as Eldos FM, Aganang FM, Capricorn FM, Jozi FM and many more stations.

Check Out Industrial Espionage: https://t.co/gWYHpva9VQ

As a treat to his fans, Riot dropped 2 tapes on one day. “My Lokasie Rym” is the “Hond” side of Riot. It is his version of Afrikaans rap. It has 7 tracks, 2 of which are bonus tracks with Ginger Trill on Stop It 5 and 2J Harmonix out of Eersterus on Men My Vir A One Vati.

Check It Out Here: https://t.co/TwrPNqIU1E