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My name is Thabiso Radebe and I’m a Durban-based creative although I don’t do music I’m a creative in a different way. I illustrate the hustle of the youth, I create illustrations of influential South African hip-hop figure who are dominating the game and those who are upcoming and inspiring the youth. My style is simply described as colorful and refreshing. I’m still a student at the Durban University of Technology doing my second year and was inspired by hip hop to do something with my creative talents. I recently started an unregistered company called FRSH  DSGN and started showcasing my work to people. I think SA HIP HOP MAG should look into the idea of creatives showcasing their creative work which is related to hip hop on the magazine, so it provides the latest news and refreshing creativity as the cherry on top. Below I have uploaded an illustration and some contact details

Thank You

email: frshdsgn66@gmail.com Instagram: frshdsgn_dbn