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@savagelyclothingsa- The Rise Of A New Streetwear Label


What Is Savagely Clothing SA?

Savagely Clothing SA is a South African streetwear brand that was started by two young men from the Alberton area. The brand is 3 months old and making a good impression among its clients. The Savagely boys have released the first part of their #Winter17 range, which clients have described as warm, comfortable and stylish. The second part of the range is rumoured to be released sometime in July.

The brand prides itself on its multiracial target audience and clientbase, something that their initial photoshoot succeeded in capturing.


The Founders

The founders are 20 year old Sizwe Moyo from Mayberry Park and 20 year old Devyn Winchester from Albertsdal. The pair have been friends since the tender age of 5, attending the same primary and high school. Sizwe recalls sending Devyn a Whatsapp, saying “Dude, let’s start a clothing line!” Devyn, understandably took some time to respond but eventually said “F**K it, let’s do it!” And in that moment Savagely Clothing SA was born. Despite the grim name of the brand, they are two very fun loving guys.


What Inspired the Label?

Devyn cites the main reason to start his own clothing line as “building on the legacies of my favorite designers to create something South Africans can be proud of.” “The top designers in the world, namely Virgil Abloh of Off-White, Nigo of A Bathing Ape, or Yves Saint Laurent of Saint Laurent Paris, are all visionaries!” “They pioneered modern clothing as we know it and everyone else has just tried to mimic them.” “I want to build onto the legacy of creating something special, making it stand out and shout ‘I have to have it’.” “I wanted to create something simple but elegant. Something of great quality that I could sell at a reasonable price, something that any South African would be proud to wear.

What Inspired The Name?

Sizwe, who conceptualized the name, says the name comes from his inner circle’s “dark and twisted” sense of humor. Savagely by definition means “to a very great and severe degree.” The name does not incite violent behaviour but rather prompts the wearer to take off the shackles that bind them of what’s right and what’s wrong, and in that way it’s more than a brand, it’s more of a lifestyle. Be a savage in your humor, be a savage on the field of play, be a savage in bed.


Upcoming Projects

SAVAGELY Clothing SA is currently running a social media giveaway campaign where they’ll giving away a whole lot of cool exclusive hoodies and sweaters.

They are also in talks with popular Gauteng DJ, Vin Groovin, to be the face of their brand and play an ambassadorial role.

More notably, SAVAGELY Clothing SA will be releasing Part II of their #Winter17 range sometime in July. A release date will be confirmed through their social media pages soon.



With the release of #Winter17 Part II just around the corner Savagely Clothing SA has dropped the price of their Part I hoodies and sweaters by 25% to make way for the new range. This means all SAVAGELY apparel is under R300 until the new range is released.


Product Offering

Savagely Clothing sells Hoodies, Sweaters, Beanies, Caps, Snapbacks, and Tshirts.

How to get your hands on the product

The clothes are extremely easy to acquire. Simply DM your order to us via our social media or they can call 076 982 6230/ 079 963 4548 to place an order.

Where to find us.

FB: S A V A G E L Y Clothing SA

IG: @savagelyclothingsa