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Sex Portion_Pay’n’Preezy


My Name Is Liabo Hamza Mayekiso aka Pay the rapper from Lesotho aged 23 can speak two languages Sesotho and English,Peka Leribe in a village name Pululu

I started listening to music only from hearing my twin aunties write songs and sing,they would always sing their songs to us every night.

That’s what got me into music for real,those two aunties even introduced me to certain bands and artists namely 50 Cent,West life,Shady,Backstreet boys etc

Pay does not literally sing a particular genre but he’s mostly doing hip hop,why because he has been introduced to more rappers than vocalist.

My Music mostly speaks of things around me,like my emotions,lifestyle and etc, we have a new banger with my nigger Preezy https://www.datafilehost.com/d/b29f7559