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SILVABLACK making RAP waves in South Africa.


SILVABLACK is a name you may have heard making its way through the South African music scene in the last year, but who is SILVABLACK?

A veteran in the rap game writing, performing and making music for decades under various names.  SILVABLACK was launched April 2016 with not only a rap act, but also a full band SILVABLACK LIVE, raps rock n roll element!

Where did the name SILVABLACK come from you would like to know? Well other than a character resemblance from the king of the jungle the Silver Backed Gorilla, he also has a silver lightning bolt steak in his hair, he always has had. It’s destiny some would say.

SILVABLACK writes all his own lyrics, a rap lyrical speedster, spitting more than you could swallow in a mouthful. His first EP; “Harder*Darker*Faster” launched 2016 and produced by GEMINI MAJOR, taking you through his passionate journey of where he has come from and where he is destined for… looking like big laces from where we stand.

Watch SILVABLACK’s real lyrical a’capella expression here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ3el8vhInQ&t=30s

Listen to the FULL ALBUM > www.soundcloud.com/silvablack

So where did the LIVE element come in? With a commitment to bridge the gap of music genres, a RAP’s Rock Punk LIVE feel could only have been created with an instrumental amalgamation. SILVABLACK LIVE has played at OPPIKOPPI and Smoking Dragon Festivals, and be sure that they are a live band not to miss! Catch them playing at Rumours Pub on the 9th June, for more shows keep your eyes on the SILVABLACK Social Pages to stay involved.

You can watch the SILVABLACK LIVE 360degree video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAvQRjXpbE.

SILVABLACK was an opener for Yelawolf’s South African Tour in 2016, a highlight of the journey thus far, and testament to SILVABLACK’s talent!

Taking it back to what Rhythm And Poetry should be all abouts; SILVABLACK certainly raises the bar!

So what is next for SILVABLACK? 2017 has been many hours writing and recording, and you should be seeing an Album and Mixtape launch bringing the summer in! There has been so much demand for the lyrical scope of this talented Artist that we cannot wait to hear what he has install for us next!

Well if you didn’t know now you do; keep an eye out for SILVABLACK.

contact bookings@silvablack.com  or check out www.SILVABLACK.com for more.


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